Hello! I'm Ariel, a graphic designer based in New York. My main areas of focus include brand identity, packaging design, and design for lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and digital media brands.
I have a deep passion for designs that make an impact. I am obsessed with details and believe that even the smallest element can make a big difference in creating a memorable brand. I always strive for excellence, and I enjoy taking on challenging projects that allow me to grow my expertise.
I thrive in environments where ideas are exchanged, and creativity is encouraged. However, I also enjoy taking on individual challenges and finding solutions on my own.
Some notable companies I've worked with include Ocean Drive Clothing and Ron Jon Surf Shop. Through these collaborations, I have learned the importance of listening to client's needs, understanding their brand's message, and designing solutions that connect with their target audience.
When I'm not behind the screen, I'm usually lifting weights, trying new restaurants, and planning my next trip! My work is my passion and I love what I do. Please don't hesitate to reach out to learn more about me or my work!
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